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Internet Security Controller controls the time spent on social networking
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Social networking can be really addictive: people spend hours and hours sharing ideas, messages, photos and videos or chatting with friends. The results are that you might just forget about your tasks, your children could dedicate less time to their studies and employees may lose productivity.
Internet Security Controller has been specially designed to control the time you, your family or your employees spend on social networks. Setting these regulations is made easy by an intuitive interface protected by a password, to which you may access from the System Tray. A wizard will take you through the steps that lead you to successfully controlling the access time to these sites. First, you will need to choose those sites whose access you want to limit. In this regard, the program will provide you with a list including the most popular sites but you can also add any other. The second step will be setting an Internet timetable. A calendar will show the days of the week divided into 24 hours. Marking the selected hours green you will allow access at those times while marking them red will do the opposite. Moreover, the third step will let you set daily time limits, which are independent of the timetable. However, it does not allow setting separate time limits for selected websites.
You might be wondering why you will need Internet Security Controller if you can set Internet filters instead. In this regard, the advantage of this application is that it will not slow down the Internet connection because it will only filter social networking sites.
In general, Internet Security Controller is a fine application suitable for either a parent or a network administrator needing to limit the time the students, employees or children spend on social networking.

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